Our knowledgeable and quirky staff are on a mission to provide the community with a wide selection of educational toys and books- with a few fun activities thrown in for good measure.

Our Books

Sustaining an Indie Book Shop today can be challenging, but our community and team believe reading is at the core of brain development and local book shops are crucial to sustaining that. Offering our children and ourselves an option away from the screen has been scientifically proven to aid in many areas of health and wellness.

Our shelves are stocked with a plethora of books. We even offer a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and local interest books for our adult crowd.

How We Help Your Family "Play...Laugh...Learn..."

The sourcing process is vital and we spend many hours researching, playing and having fun doing it.

Many vendors offer lines to specialty toy shops that are not available to the big box stores. We try to have as many unique and educational products as we can fit in our little space from these vendors first.

We also have a focus on USA made and green products whenever we can find them.

Quality is our #1 priority. If we wouldn’t buy it for our children, we generally will not carry it for yours unless requested.

We offer frequent community play and demonstration days to engage our families with hands-on product testing.


Customer feedback is a large part of decision making process.  With over 20,000 items in stock, we rely on our customers to let us know if a product did not live up to their expectations. When and if this occurs, we pull the lines immediately and research new options for similar products of higher quality.

We travel to New York ToyFair each February to discover new products not yet released. This is really fun- we mean, really hard work. ;)

We try to be different from other small specialty shops in that our goal is to offer our products at MSRP or below. The fact is, if a manufacturer thinks it is worth $10, then it really shouldn’t cost you more than $10. 

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We're honored to be a part of the North Country community, and elated that they feel the same about us!

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Making a Difference

Whenever possible, we do our best to give back to our community. We collect change in our penny jar at the register and give the earnings to a different charity every month. Check out what we have raised in the past and who we are raising for now!

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We love having fun! Check out our event calendar and join us.

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