Making A Difference

The amount raised in our penny jar is donated to a different charitable organization every month.

October 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to…


Second Chance Animal Rescue

Second Chance is Littleton’s local, nonprofit Animal Rescue that aims to provide homeless animals with a second chance at life in a no-kill shelter. As a nonprofit, Second Chance relies solely on the work of volunteers, donations and fundraisers. The funds raised help them provide the best care, comfort, and love for animals who have found themselves homeless and without people.

Aside from caring for animals and finding them forever homes, Second Chance also offers affordable spay, neuter and vaccination clinics, a “Barn Cat” program, pet food drives, cat boarding, and animal welfare education.

The Penny Jar will be up for the whole month of October, at our front desk. If you're in Little Village this month, consider leaving your change in the jar, or even a little extra to help out. Second Chance, and all of their volunteers, work constantly to help animals in need which is why we think it’d be nice to support their efforts – every little bit helps! 🙂

Check out their website, at the following link, to learn more about Second Chance,

September 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to…

Littleton Parks & Recreation

From the annual Fourth of July Block Party, the Littleton Town Pool, adult & youth sports programs, concerts in the park, the skating rink, & the Summer & After-School Programs, Littleton’s Parks & Rec is very active in keeping our community moving, learning, & participating in fun activities for all ages. The newest Parks & Rec project is raising funds to make a dog park here in Littleton, which is great for our furry friends!

Littleton Parks & Rec & their programs have been enjoyed by most, if not all, Littleton residents. That is why we are asking you to consider donating, so that we may all continue to enjoy all the hard work they put in to the year-round programs, activities, & future projects—like the dog park—for all of us here in Littleton. The Penny Jar will be up for the whole month of September, at our main desk, if you would like to contribute.


·  To find out more about the Littleton Parks & Rec, or to donate directly to the dog park, check out their website at the following link,

· Official Littleton Parks & Rec Facebook is here:

· Littleton, NH Dog Park Facebook is here:

August 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to…


The Bethlehem Events Committee

The Bethlehem Events Committee is a non-profit run by volunteers who work all year to organize family-friendly events that are almost always free. Such events include SummerFest and Bethlehem Artwalk, Make Music Day, the Summer Concert Series, and revitalization & beautification projects such as the distribution and upkeep of hand-painted benches, the Adopt a Flower Box program, and roadside cleanup days.

Although the BEC is run by Bethlehem residents, their programs, events, and community-service initiatives are beneficial to, and enjoyed by, many of their surrounding communities and community members.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, they rely solely upon donations to fund their events and programs. That is why we ask that you consider donating to the Bethlehem Events Committee, so we may all continue to enjoy their events and programs for years to come!

You can learn more about Bethlehem Events Committee at the following link here:

You can see a list of their upcoming events at the following link here:

July 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to…


Erin Mangus and her family.

Erin is described by her aunt as a “bright, active, and spicy” 6 year old girl. Erin was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitt Lymphoma with CNS involvement. Their situation has become emotionally & financially taxing for Erin & her family which includes her mother, father, & her four siblings who are between the ages of 8 years and 3 months old.

Erin has now found herself with decreased sensation &  movement from her mid-back & lower body that has resulted in her having to use a wheelchair. Erin’s parents are unable to work between hospital stays & caring for their other children, which means that they are financially stagnant.

Between the costs of chemo, rehabilitation treatments, hospital stays, & the possibility of having to renovate their home to make it handicap accessible, the Mangus family could use as much support as possible. We ask that you consider offering a donation to this family in need—any amount helps.

  • If you are interested in offering a donation to the Mangus family, the Penny Jar will be up at our main desk for the whole month of July.

  • You can also donate directly to the GoFundMe page by clicking the following link:

June 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to…



Neskaya is a non-profit organization located in Franconia, New Hampshire that has been a part of the community for more than 20 years. Neskaya was created as a “sacred space for movement disciplines that are also spiritual practices.” Since the mid-90s, Neskaya has been offering classes for yoga, meditation, belly dancing, circle dances, and workshops focused on self-improvement through personal growth and wellness. Neskaya also provides retreats, gatherings, conferences and more.

Neskaya is currently trying to raise money for a new hot-water heater, as theirs is on its last legs. We believe it’s important to lend a hand when staples of our local community, such as Neskaya, need help so that we may continue to enjoy all they offer. That’s why we’re asking you to consider donating to Neskaya – any little bit helps!

Our Penny Jar will be up throughout the month of June at our front desk, if you’d like to donate. If you’d like to donate directly to the GoFundMe, click the following link:

To find out more about Neskaya, visit their website via the following link, Check out their Facebook here:

May 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds went to…

The Littleton Historical Museum

Founded in 1967, the Littleton Historical Museum is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers & public donations. The goal is to preserve, & educate the public on, the history of Littleton & surrounding areas.

Although the museum is located in the Opera House, what it offers extends beyond the reach of its walls. Historical walking tours in & about town, various presentations open to the public, educational outreach programs for local students, & more are provided by the dedicated volunteers.

We believe in our community here at the Little Village & are proud to support the Littleton Historical Museum. This is why we ask that you consider donating, either through our May Penny Jar or direct donation, so that we may all continue to enjoy this valuable resource for years to come! Our Penny Jar will be up throughout the month of may, located at the main front desk.

Check out their Facebook page Littleton Historical Museum. You can also visit their website to learn more by clicking the following link,

Originally located in the public library building, the Littleton Historical Museum now resides in the lower floor of the Town Building (Opera House).

Originally located in the public library building, the Littleton Historical Museum now resides in the lower floor of the Town Building (Opera House).

April 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds went to…


Team Sullycat

Team Sullycat is a foundation that serves families who have loved ones affected by cancer, and are going through treatment, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and Northern New Hampshire. Team Sullycat provides support and care, through financial assistance, during the monetary hardships that cancer brings to families in our local communities every day.

In addition, on April 12th the Little Village Toy & Book Shop team will be participating in the Cancer Free Spelling Bee.  This event is hosted by the UBCancer Free Fundraising team to raise money for the Sullycat Foundation. Participation enrollment is closed, but the public will be welcome to come watch. The event begins at 7 P.M. at the Littleton Elks Club (doors open for the public at 6:30 by donation).

If you’d like to learn more about Team Sullycat, check out their website here: You can also find them on Facebook here:

February & March 2019 Penny Jar Proceeds of over $145 went to…

Culver Strong


4 year old Bailey Culver is the second child of Mike & Allie Culver of Bethlehem, NH. Bailey was born with Cystic Fibrosis, & 18 months later was diagnosed with high-risk stage IV neuroblastoma (a rare and aggressive cancer). Since then, Bailey & his family have been in & out of multiple hospitals enduring rounds of chemotherapy, & numerous other treatments. Through the local communities rallying to aid in financial & emotional relief, the Culver family was able to secure a new home, suitable for Bailey’s medical needs to be isolated in a sterile environment, as well as general financial assistance with the continual medical bills.

Bailey was declared officially cancer-free in the autumn of 2017. Being the only child to have officially been diagnosed with both Cystic Fibrosis & stage IV neuroblastoma, there is no official survival statistics available, nor projected expectation for stability of health. To his family’s & the community’s dismay, Bailey’s cancer has unfortunately recurred as of this January. Bailey is currently undergoing more rounds of treatments, including chemotherapy, to fight off cancer for the second time.

To find out more about Bailey and his family, or to reach out with support, head over to their Facebook Page Culver Strong.

April 2018 Penny Jar Proceeds will go to...

The Frost Place's Pennies for Poetry

People from all over the world celebrate April as National Poetry Month! The Frost Place invites you to join in on this celebration by participating in the "Pennies for Poetry" matching grant challenge during National Poetry Month.

Businesses around the North Country, including Little Village Toy & Book Shop, will help The Frost Place meet their $25,000 goal by installing donation jars at their place of business—but "Pennies for Poetry" doesn't stop there! Anyone can participate in "Pennies for Poetry" by making a donation to The Frost Place.

Will you please help The Frost Place meet their matching grant goal? Join us in celebrating and supporting National Poetry Month, Robert Frost, and the local businesses within our wonderful community. Please make a donation today.

January-March 2018 Penny Jar proceeds of $89.50 went to...

Tyler Blain House Homeless Shelter

The Tyler Blain House, located in Lancaster, New Hampshire, is a 4-bedroom Victorian home. It is ADA compliant and has the ability to house up to 8 individuals at a time.  

Our program mission is to “strive to make sure every resident of the North Country has access to programs that will prevent an episode of homelessness and provide the assistance needed to secure shelter should homelessness come to pass.”


October 2017 Penny Jar proceeds went to...

lisbon fire.jpg

Megan Smith & Family

On Thursday October 6, one of our local families lost all of their possessions when their apartment building burned down.  Megan Smith is a single mom with 2 young children who are now without a home or the basic household items we all take for granted.  We are raising money for them to help pay for a security deposit, first month’s rent, and for furniture and other household items that have not been donated.

September 2017 Penny Jar proceeds of $17.13 went to...

The Batey Foundation

The motto of the Batey Foundation Somos El Cambio reminds each of us that little things are big things. Small gestures create great change. Join us and be the change that educates, heals, builds leadership, opportunity, and resilience for the people of the Batey communities of the Dominican Republic.


batey foundation.jpg

August 2017 Penny Jar proceeds of $114.00 went to...

Laura Crawford- Aug 2017.jpg

“Laura’s Fund” has been created to help children in need in the North Country area and to help an aspiring teacher afford college.

Laura (Crawford) Mulkigian, of Lyme, N.H., passed away at her home surrounded by her family on June 27, 2017. She was a 1st grade teacher for many years at Lisbon Regional School. She was everything a student could wish for; devoted, insightful, loving, creative and smart. Later in her career she became the Reading Specialist where she was equally impactful teaching students the subject she was most passionate about. Laura was dearly loved by the students, their families and staff. The list of ways that Laura made this world a better place and blessed those that were lucky enough to know her are really too numerous to name, but suffice it to say she was truly a person that epitomized God’s love on earth.

July 2017 Penny Jar proceeds of $31.00 went to to....

Gale River Cooperative Preschool

Founded in 2005, Gale River Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit, non-sectarian, cooperative preschool for children aged 3 to 5. It is located at Ski Hearth Farm in Sugar Hill, NH. Facilities include a spacious indoor play area with a wide variety of materials and a fully equipped outdoor play yard and wonderful farm location.
The school is a parent run cooperative dedicated to fostering exploration, play, and the lifelong love of learning. Under the guidance and in partnership with our professional teachers, the parents form a community that encourages caring for all of the children and families, a sharing of ideas skills, concerns, and values.


June 2017 Penny Jar proceeds of $32.82 went to...

WMSI White Mountain Science Institute

Started in 2013, White Mountain Science, Inc. strives to excite kids and teachers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge and skills and give them rich opportunities to grow as creative problem solvers.  WMSI (pronounced whimsy) has offices and runs camp programs in Bethlehem, NH.  Otherwise, WMSI delivers programs to students and teachers throughout northern New Hampshire.