Where's Waldo in Littleton Grand Prize Giveaway!

Waldo Spotters: Our Find Waldo in Littleton Grand Prize Giveaway is this Saturday @ 11 am!


If you have found 20 or more Waldos, as part of our Where’s Waldo in Littleton event this July, join us for our Waldo Giveaway this Saturday at 11am! Make sure your #FindWaldoLocal passports are handed in by the end of the day on Friday, July 26th, & that your contact information is filled out so we can contact you if you're one of our winners!

For those of you that have found at least 20 Waldos hiding around town, & show up in person to the giveaway, you will also be entered into a special giveaway of gifts and gift certificates from local participating businesses, including the following: Aylakai and The Broom Closet, Deep Earth Arts, Gold House Pizza, Jaysyn Hope, League of NH Craftsmen- Littleton, Littleton Food Cooperative, Littleton Office Supply, Inc., & Noah's Ark Pet Shop.

If you can’t make it to the giveaway this Saturday, but have found at least 20 Waldos, don’t worry! Just make sure to turn in your passports (including your contact information) to be entered into the grand-prize drawing for your chance to win some really cool Waldo books!