November Penny Jar Proceeds Will Go To....


For November's Penny Jar, we are collecting donations for Jim Caterino's family and funeral costs after his recent passing. Jim Caterino was an active member of the local community. Not only was he a coach to numerous children over the years, but a husband of 15 years to his wife, Kelly, and father of his 7th grader son, Kenny. He passed away on October 26th, unexpectedly, leaving his family and community at a loss.

For those interested in helping, we are welcoming people to donate to the Caterino family in the penny jar (found at our front counter) whilst you're shopping in our store.

For alternate contributions, there is a gofundme site set up so that you can donate online through the following link: You can also stop by a Passumpsic Bank and let the teller know you'd like to deposit into the "Kelly Caterino Fund" that has been set up for the Caterino family.

June Penny Jar Proceeds will go to...

Ethan's Cancer Battle

ethan 2.jpg

Angie's nephew, Ethan, is an outgoing and energetic young man who is attending 8th grade at Mountview Middle School in Holden, MA. Achieving excellent grades and close relationships with his friends are something that comes natural for him. Him and his group of friends can be found during the week after school at the local light department fields, trips to Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's and any other place that can feed a hungry 13 year old.  Ethan's passions become part of his lifestyle, including creating and mixing music, playing and training in paintball, and well of course, eating.

In early May of 2016, a small lump was found on his right temple. It grew slightly and was brought to the doctors for a checkup. After 3-4 weeks of doctors visits, the lump developed in a large golf ball sized lump . He went in for surgery to have it removed in early September. A biopsy was performed on the tissue, and was found to be malignant. Ethan was diagnosed with Synovial Cell Sarcoma on September 19th, 2016.

Synovial Cell Sarcoma is a rare soft tissue cancer that is usually found in joints in adolescents.

It was discovered this May that Ethan’s Cancer has metastasized to his lungs, in such a way that is now incurable. This disease will now live inside of him forever. We are helping Ethan navigate thru different options as to how the treatment should go.




January Penny Jar Proceeds will go to...

“ A Home Between Homes…”

The Tyler Blain House, located in Lancaster, New Hampshire, is a 4-bedroom Victorian home. It is ADA compliant and has the ability to house up to 8 individuals at a time. Shelter guests have independent access to a large eat-in kitchen, a community food pantry, laundry facilities and a common area. Food and material goods assistance are provided as needed. On-site staff provides individualized case management services to all shelter guests, including help with transportation. Staff also assists shelter guests in developing plans to meet their goals of being self-sufficient and securing permanent housing. All are welcome at Tyler Blain, except individuals who are a safety threat to themselves or others, and unaccompanied minors.

Our program mission is to “strive to make sure every resident of the North Country has access to programs that will prevent an episode of homelessness and provide the assistance needed to secure shelter should homelessness come to pass.”

Our goal is to alleviate immediate housing emergencies and to assist shelter residents with achieving independence that leads to permanent housing and ends the cycle of homelessness.

When the tragedy of homelessness occurs, people often feel disconnected from their community. At Tyler Blain, we believe that a successful approach to shelter happens in the context of a supportive community–one that focuses on including the person in a meaningful experience. For this reason, when people stay at Tyler Blain House, they are engaged in a total community living arrangement. We believe everyone heals at a different pace, and for this reason, there is not a limit on the length of time an individual may stay. We ask only that residents be pro-active in their plan for independence.

56 Prospect Street
Lancaster, NH 03584
Phone (603) 788-2344
Fax (603) 788-3700

For after-hours homeless emergencies, please dial 211 for assistance.