Happy Living

What better way to start a new year than to focus on living a happy, balanced life?

Scandinavian countries are known for being the happiest places on Earth- what's their secret? Living mindfully, in moderation and focusing on comfort. For the Swedes it's Lagom  (pronounced lah-gohm), for the Danes its Hygge (pronounced hue-guh). Lagom and Hygge are ways of living that promote wellness and mindfulness.

Hygge is a Danish word that is used to acknowledge a feeling of contentedness, charm, coziness, security, and comfort. It is also referred to as the “art” of creating intimacy and charm in everyday situations that some of us might consider boring and mundane. For instance, something a simple as taking a moment each morning to brew your favorite coffee while lighting a candle before jetting off to work, or by treating yourself to a bubble bath with epsom salts and essential oils once a week, are both ways of bringing hygge into your life. It essentially involves finding little charming moments that help break up the monotony of your day or week and help you slow down.

Lagom is a Swedish word that is similar to hygge, but with a few key differences. It comes from the phrase, “Lagom är bäst,” or “Just the right amount,” and reflects the idea of always living life in balance that doesn’t have too much of too little of one thing or another. Lagom plays a huge role in living sustainably, encouraging working with the environment in your day-to-day life, choosing natural and simple whenever possible, and shopping locally. However, the art of lagom can be applied to all areas of life, from indulging in desserts, to working, and even decor. The key to understanding lagom is “not too much, not too little” of everything in life.

Here are a few books that can help you shift gears from "go-go-go" to mindful moderation and calming coziness. Come down to the shop, grab yourself a copy & a cup of coffee and you'll be on your way to a happier life.