Independent Bookstore Day & Scavenger Hunt

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Saturday, April 27th, is Independent Bookstore Day!

As part of a statewide celebration, we have joined up with 13 other independent bookstores to bring you a scavenger hunt!

Continue reading below to learn how it works and what bookstores are participating.

Here’s how it works:

  • Stop by any of the 14 participating locations & grab a passport. Collect a stamp as proof of visit & continue on.

  • Visit & collect stamps from at least 7 of the 14 participating locations to be entered to win a $25 gift card from one of the bookstores (with a total of 14 winners).

  • Upon completion (receiving at least 7 of the 14 stamps) trade in your passport for a coupon sheet. The coupon sheet has a 20% off coupon for each establishment.

  • Passports must be completed between the beginning of Saturday, April 27th, & by the end of Sunday, April 28th.

  • Participating locations do not have to be visited in any particular order, nor is any purchase necessary to participate.

  • There is no age limit for participation.

Passports are available to pick up, and turn in, at any participating location. Little Village Toy & Book Shop has passports available at our front counters that you can grab anytime.

The participating bookstores are as follows:

We hope to see you soon, and wish you luck with your hunt!