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"Great selection of kids books, educational toys- math/ science toys,  toys made of recycled materials, some classic toys, as well as puzzles, stickers, board games, small costume/dress up section, and stuffed animals. There's a few sections with displays/ table for kids to sit and play with toys on display. Very welcoming- wonderful store. Highly recommended." ~Beata M
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"One of my favorite places in the North Country! I come here with my son frequently, and the staff is genuinely kind, even remembering what my son looks at, so when family went here looking for a Christmas present without a list, they knew exactly what he wanted! They're constantly getting new toys and books in, from science projects to nostalgic older toys, to new fun things that they find out about from the toy expos that they go to, this place has everything, and if they don't, they'll order it for you! AND there's free gift wrapping!! This is much more than just a book store, going here is a fun thing to do, even if it's just to look around."   ~Steph M.
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"I come up here every summer with my son. Every year they find a different book for him to he reads and it's right on. I've gone to b&n and they couldn't even help. We look forward to our trip up. And all the employees are as as nice as could be."   ~Donna C.
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"Cute and fun. We love this bookstore for the books, the great variety of toys, and the staff."   ~Rachel M

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"We enjoyed this shop. A great selection of toys, books and games. As a family we love board and card games. A great and different selection was available here. We actually went back for a 2nd visit to purchase more!"   ~Sage7243
"Loved the toy selection of good, old fashioned toys. When I was looking for a particular item for my grandson, but a little bit doubtful that it would be there, the helpful clerk led me right to several little kits that included the sewing cards I was seeking. She was just as patient with the children who asked for help, and seemed to love her job! I found a good selection of not the same old greeting cards as well, and the children's book section was just great."   ~GFWCGardener
"We discovered a very nice, and enjoyable, mix of books, creative toys, and friendly staff.
The shop was a good spot to meander for over an hour as we awaited an early Spring snowstorm.
Atmosphere was inviting, and a combination of library and retail store." 
  ~Paul M.
"Very cute little toy store packed with lots for all ages. We all found something we liked. Great place to find gifts."   ~Magumom

"While in Littleton, we had to buy the Pollyanna book! The staff was very helpful and friendly. This store has a lot to offer."   ~Julianne D.

"This store is an old style book toy and book store. As you walk in you are greeted by friendly staff who are more than happy to help but no pushy. The choice of toys was great brought us back to our young days. We bought two gifts which they willingly and expertly wrapped. A fun way to spend some time when visiting Littleton."   ~Grueter
"Not only lots of books but a nice selection of interesting toys. I bought a copy of Pollyanna and went across the street to pose with the girl herself and the book."   ~Carol B.
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"Terrific little book shop with nice variety of books, quality toys, etc. Free gift wrapping too ... no-brainer if you're looking for anything for a child or adult! Staff is accommodating. During the month of July (when we went), we participated in "where's Waldo" event. Visited 25 local businesses to look for a 6" high Waldo character. Such fun, and a great way to visit small shops all within walking distance. Found some neat stores, bought things, and enjoyed lunch ... what a great event hosted by a great bookstore - thanks!"   ~Above-the-NotchNH
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"I love a good place to go and pick out book easily! This place was GREAT! I was looking for one book recently, and I just couldn't find it for the life of me! Then one women who works there happened to pass by and I asked her if she knew where the book was, in less than 10 seconds flat I had my book! Wonderful place! So nicely set up and just beautiful!"   ~Julia A.
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"Great, local book and toy store. Lots of choices for both books and toys. Friendly folks too. Definitely recommend."   ~Aaron B.

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"Helpful staff, free gift wrap, and a loyalty incentive program can be found at this small shop. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity. The items I have purchased include greeting cards, calendars, toys, books for children and adults, even socks. The selection of local interest books is excellent. The prices range is wide, helpful to vacationing parents in search of a small souvenir for a tired child! Well worth a visit!"   ~GladWeWent17
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"This was a nice stop with children. The staff was courteous and allowed the kids to roam. It's a good break for families."   ~Jeff P.

"This is a great store for finding wonderful toys for children of all ages. My daughter loves going in, and I've always found exactly what I need. Bonus - they wrap your purchases for you too (and do a far prettier job than I could ever manage)! They also have gift registries and a discount program."  ~Ashley G.
"After the old store closing I was disappointed. But then this one opened and it was better than I could have ever dreamed of! If you have a child this is a MUST stop!!! Prices are fair, and it is so worth it to go for the experience! They cater to the public! I remember bringing my daughter (1 year old) and having her ride a "scuttle bug" to try to buy and the owner went out of her way to tell me we don't have to buy it and that she can come play with all the toys and ride them any time without having to buy them (we did buy it because it was awesome!) The owner is so thoughtful and excited about all her inventory and loves input! I like to just bring my daughter by for the experience (and puzzles, toys, kid chairs and kids books) we usually leave each time with a new book to add to her collection. This is the best book store ever!"   ~HotelReview333
"I've been shopping at the Village Book Store since I was a little kid... it was always a treat and and adventure for me to browse the books and toys, and many a memory from my younger days involves walking along the aisles, looking at treasures. When that shop closed years ago, I was saddened that a place with such a warm history was no more. A few inspired employees got together and reopened the store as The Little Village Toy and Book Shop and they have a bit of everything for everyone! Great educational toys, adult and children's books, hard-to-find local books and local-made products. And, the folks there will order anything you request if it isn't in the shop! A great selection and we can still enjoy the nostalgia of walking through rows of books and watching the kids play with stuffed animals and wooden trains. Highly recommended if you are passing through town."   ~Chris W.
"The girls are wonderful in the shop. If they don't have it they will try to order it for you. We were happy to see that they added more adult book inventory since opening day. They have some really unique toys that you can't find anywhere else. Such a great addition to the community. We also love the story and art's and crafts hour they offer."   ~Clare F.
"Thank God for this gem of a place in Littleton (and thank you to the wonderful staff who make it work!) Decided to stop in and find gifts for some special children this Christmas, and we were thrilled with the selection of quality toys, books, games and stuffed animals to choose from :) Now I know where Santa shops ;) Adding to the experience was the exuberance of small children happily playing with toys - their excitement is contagious :) I would highly recommend a visit to this place! You won't leave empty-handed or empty-hearted!"   ~Wendy Whitton
"As a grandparent, I appreciate the unique gift items available..I can almost be assured my grandchildren won't get duplicates from other out-of-town grandparents. And as a librarian, I appreciate the opportunity to preview their youth book inventory to assist me in library purchasing. As a reader, I appreciate that the staff will order the book I want to read if it's not on their shelves...and it is often available for me in 3 days. Savvy book and toy lovers shop at Little Village Toy & Book Shop, right on Littleton's Main Street."   ~Steffany Smith
"They have an extensive selection for children of all ages and the customer service is always excellent. The friendly and knowledgeable staff combined with many unique and hard to find toys makes for a fun, easy and enjoyable shopping experience not only during the holiday season but all year long. My kids love it here and mom and dad do too!"  ~Francis Matott
"Such a great local shop. The staff is amazing and always extremely helpful."   ~Heather Redington Glover
"Not just for kids -- they have a solid selection for adults too, especially since the recent expansion. And they'll order for you if they don't have it. Book stores like this are precious treasures in a community. I'm grateful Littleton can claim this one as its own."   ~Alison Chisolm